Lithium Starting Battery

Lithium Starting Battery

Lithium starting Battery 

This customer came to us with an awesome Suzuki Swift that had a turbo conversion done before purchasing, Batteries Sunshine Coast did a Lithium starting battery conversion to make it legal and safe.

The customer was concerned about the Battery in the boot, and the fact that he could not put the Boot shelf in the boot due to the battery being to tall

Issues with the Lead Acid Battery

  • Wet-cell lead acid batteries are illegal to install in the cabin of a vehicle
  • The negative terminal of the battery was not securing to the terminal causing it to jump off.
  • The battery was held down by a clamp secured with cable ties.
  • The positive terminal was exposed and vulnerable to shorting.
  • The wire for the sound system APM was wound around the positive terminal bolt.
  • The battery was too tall for the boot shelf to be used leaving the AMP and wires unsecured around the battery.

Converting to a lithium starting battery

Because of the turbo conversion, there was no available space to place the lead acid battery back in the engine bay without extensive mechanical and engineering input. It was decided the safest conversion was a Lithium starting battery placed in the boot, on its side to allow clearance for the boot shelf to be reinstalled.

See the gallery for the photos of the conversion and how  Batteries Sunshine Coast overcame this customers problem with great results!

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