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We are a local family owned and operated business. We live on the Sunshine Coast and support local businesses, schools and charities in our community.
We support Australian made products and business whenever possible and we believe in locals supporting locals.

Meet The Team

Sunshine Coast Batteries provide a fast, courteous and affordably priced vehicle battery replacement service throughout the Sunshine Coast and surrounds. Fully insured and qualified, we have years of experience under our belt. Stranded on the Sunshine Coast? Sunshine Coast Batteries are ready to respond to all your vehicle battery needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

the best car battery about us

Battery Expert

Peter started the business in 2017. If it has wheels, or engine and a problem then Peter wants to solve it. He is very passionate about off-grid solar and DC battery charging needs so if you have been tinkering and coming up empty handed, or don’t even know where to start, Peter is your solution.


Expert at everything!

Ashley is our client and HR guru! She takes care of all of the back end processes and our socials, as well as being our resident web developer- so if the website looks like poo- its her fault!! She is mighty handy on the tools, being known for making any battery fit, even if its not supposed too!

about us and our car battery service

At the heart of Batteries Sunshine Coast are the passionate owners, Peter and Ashley, who embody a deep commitment to supplying the finest batteries across the Sunshine Coast. Their unwavering love for delivering top-quality products and exceptional service stems from a genuine desire to meet the diverse energy needs of their community. Peter and Ashley take immense pride in sourcing and providing the best batteries available, ensuring that every customer receives a reliable and efficient solution tailored to their requirements.

What sets Peter and Ashley apart is their strong connection to the Sunshine Coast community. Being local and family-owned, they understand the unique energy challenges and aspirations of the region’s residents. This understanding drives their dedication to offering batteries that not only meet technical specifications but also resonate with the values of the local population. Their personal investment in the area fosters trust and rapport with customers, as they can rely on Batteries Sunshine Coast for solutions that reflect the genuine care and consideration of fellow community members.

Peter and Ashley’s commitment extends beyond just being business owners – they are advocates for sustainable living and responsible energy use. This ethos permeates through their battery offerings, emphasizing eco-friendly options that align with the Sunshine Coast’s focus on preserving its natural beauty. Their passion for providing the best batteries is intertwined with their desire to contribute positively to the local environment and community, making Batteries Sunshine Coast a truly integral part of the region’s energy landscape.

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