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Off Grid And On Grid Solar Solutions

Off grid and on grid house batteries are not a new concept, and Batteries Sunshine Coast has been selling all kinds of batteries to Sunshine Coast residents for many years.

The next addition to our businesses extensive range is off grid and on grid house batteries as an authorized distributor of RedEarth Energy for quite some time, we aim to provide power independence to home owners on the Sunshine Coast.

Continue reading to learn all about the range’s and exactly what these product’s can offer the residents of the Sunshine Coast.

All About Solar Battery Systems

If you happen to be investing in solar power, then you may be wanting a way to store some of this solar energy so that it can either be used at night or on cloudy days. If this is the case, then you will need to invest in a battery storage system to store the solar energy and discharge it later or when needed. This is what allows the homes and businesses on Sunshine Coast to enjoy a continuous supply of free solar power around the clock. 

A solar battery system is a particularly attractive option for businesses and homes that tend to have a heavy load in the early morning, late afternoon, and night. It is also a liable investment for businesses that require standby lighting or any other power obligations after dark. 

Adding a battery to your solar power system is a great way for owners to increase their investment; however, they still have a few options to consider regarding what home solar battery they are wanting to invest in.

Batteries Sunshine Coast has been supplying customers throughout the Sunshine Coast region with energy storage solutions that allow them to harness the power of the sun 24 hours a day. With an extensive range of off-grid, on-grid, and hybrid energy storage solutions available to you, our company is able to cater to residential Sunshine coast households and businesses, right through to industrial and commercial operations. 

Both designed and engineered to withstand Sunshine’s Coast coastal conditions, all of the energy storage systems supplied by our company are assembled and tested to meet top-quality Australian standards, giving you the highest quality product that is matched with the best installation services in Sunshine Coast Australia.

Off-Grid Systems

Batteries Sunshine Coast has a range of off-grid energy storage systems that are the ideal buy for any client looking for an off-grid solution. Whether this is for a farm, shed, country home, or a large commercial operation, there is an option available for you.

The Blackmax is an integrated all-in-one standalone solar power system. It is an energy storage solution capable of powering your shed, weekender, or small home. 

If you happen to live in a rural location that does not have grid power access or are simply wanting to live a more sustainable type of lifestyle with reduced electricity bills, the Blackmax solar battery storage system is the perfect fit for you. Offering up to 5 kWh power output and backup generator capacity, and 12.3 kWh of storage, this small, standalone off-grid solar is one of the many great solar power systems available for purchase. 

Blackmax is able to provide you with more electricity day and night by storing the power that is generated through your solar panels during the daytime

Another standalone, ready-to-install off-grid battery storage system that we offer is the HoneyBadger. This battery storage system was built to withstand the coastal conditions inherent in the Sunshine Coast area.

The HoneyBadger is made up mostly of tough, powder-coated aluminium, which is the perfect material for additional weather resistance, making it a suitable option for installation outside. It is the ideal fit for almost all single-phase off-grid applications and is also very easy to install. 

It comes ready to run and is able to combine with already existing solar panels as well as a backup generator to keep your power coming. If you use up to 50 kWh of electricity daily, require as much as 10 kWh of power, and need up to 32 kWh of battery storage, the HoneyBadger is the perfect off-grid system for you.

DropBear is considered an ultimate hybrid all-in-one system for large enterprises and country homes. The fully integrated system offers its buyers a hybrid versatility that connects to the solar panels and takes the customer off-grid completely. If your business or home has a high daytime usage and load, the DropBear is suitable for you. 

Due to the fact that DropBear has an advanced remote monitoring system, it is required to be installed in an area that is sheltered so that users can access this battery system directly from their mobile devices.

CopperHead is an off-grid or on-grid solution that was designed to support peak demand. It is a utility-grade system of the next generation and is designed specifically for industrial and commercial operations. Thus, if you are just a regular homeowner looking for Sunshine Coast solar solutions, the CopperHead is not for you. 

Due to the fact that CopperHead is both easily upgradable and scalable in the field, it can easily adapt to the changing needs of its buyers. CopperHead comes with control options that include both generator and climate control for tropical locations, such as Sunshine Coast. It also comes equipped with a fully-integrated monitoring system.

On-Grid Systems

Apart from the off-grid solar battery systems offered, Batteries Sunshine Coast also provides the residents of Sunshine Coast with the option of having an on-grid system installed. This option is for anyone looking to make the most out of their solar panels and reduce their electricity bills.  

When you install solar panels, that makes up only the beginning of your potential energy savings; once you are able to start generating your own electricity, there are plenty more benefits to enjoy.  

The industry-leading on-grid solar systems made available to you by Batteries Sunshine Coast means that you can start to store any excess power generated during the day to use at a later stage or when needed. 

Moreover, the on-grid solar system you choose to install has the potential to transform an electricity bill into real income, on top of adding value to your property and reducing your carbon footprint.

If you are a Sunshine Coast resident wanting to start small, the SunRise Mini is the perfect investment for you. The low entry price of this SunRise Mini battery energy storage system is exactly what allows a consumer to start small and add more batteries as their needs grow and when their budget allows. 

Installation is quick and trouble-free due to the pre-wiring of all DC, AC, and PV cables, as well as the EPS contractor, the switchgear, and the batteries. In the case of a grid failure, the SunRise Mini offers up to 12.3 kWh in backup power capability and allows users the option of retrofitting to their existing solar system with ease.

Another home battery that can withstand the harsh outside conditions of the Sunshine Coast is the SunRise Maxi. This outdoor solution for your home has a fully autonomous design and provides homeowners with battery and solar power in the most efficient way possible. 

It can be installed outside and retrofitted to a homeowner's existing solar system. The SunRise Maxi is also a scalable option where homeowners can start small and add more batteries in a timely manner.

A home battery system that is highly efficient, rated for the outdoors, and ready to install is the SunRise Three-Phase. This battery system also offers buyers backup functionality in the event of a blackout.

Anyone who likes the sound of the above options but needs more power can turn to the SunRise Three-Phase, which is the perfect all-in-one energy storage solution for you. It is also capable of being retrofitted to an existing solar system.

This outdoor-rated system already comes pre-wired with everything a homeowner needs for a quick and hassle-free installation.

What is a solar battery?

A solar battery on the Sunshine Coast is a device that stores surplus energy generated by solar panels during sunny days. It ensures you have power even when the sun isn’t shining, reducing reliance on the grid and lowering electricity bills.

How do solar batteries work?

The Sunshine Coast’s abundant sunlight allows solar panels to generate excess energy. Solar batteries store this surplus energy, which can be used during cloudy days or at night, ensuring consistent power supply throughout changing weather.

Why should I consider a solar battery?

Solar batteries enhance energy self-sufficiency, especially during peak electricity demand times. They help minimise grid reliance, potentially saving money, and contribute to the region’s clean energy goals

What are the available solar battery options?

There are various solar battery types, including lithium-ion and saltwater batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are popular due to their efficiency and ability to handle the region’s sunlight fluctuations.

How long do solar batteries last in the Sunshine Coast's climate?

Solar battery lifespan on the Sunshine Coast depends on factors like battery type and maintenance. Generally, lithium-ion batteries last 10-15 years, ensuring years of energy independence and sustainability

Can I add a solar battery to my existing solar panel system?

Yes, you can retrofit a solar battery to your existing system. It’s important to assess compatibility and consult a local solar professional to optimise integration.

Are solar batteries cost-effective?

Solar batteries have upfront costs, but for Sunshine Coast residents, the savings from reduced grid usage, lower bills, and potential government incentives make them a financially viable and environmentally friendly investment.

Can solar batteries provide backup power during grid outages?

Yes, solar batteries can serve as backup power sources during grid outages, ensuring your essential appliances keep running and offering peace of mind in emergency situations.

Do solar batteries contribute to sustainable energy goals?

Absolutely, solar batteries align with the Sunshine Coast’s commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. By using stored solar energy, residents contribute to a greener future.

Are there local incentives for installing solar batteries ?

The Sunshine Coast Council and Queensland government often offer incentives, rebates, or solar feed-in tariffs to promote renewable energy adoption. These incentives support the Sunshine Coast’s vision of a cleaner, energy-efficient community

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