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What is a stop/start(i-stop) battery?

You might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the possibilities if you’re in the market for a new car battery. Even more so if you haven’t bought a car battery in a while, The AGM and EFB battery is one of the most recent advancements in passenger vehicle battery technology.

These car batteries are built specifically for use in current passenger automobiles with this technology.

Stop start (or i stop) batteries are a new battery system in modern vehicles that are specifically designed to save fuel and lessen vehicle emissions.

For automatic transmission vehicles, the engine automatically stops when it is stationary and restarts when the brake is withdrawn. For manual transmission vehicles, the engine restarts when the clutch is actuated, this system saves fuel at traffic lights and idle events..

In a conventional car, the engine continues to operate while the vehicle is stopped, wasting fuel and increasing operating expenses and emissions.

When the engine of these newer technology cars are not in use, it is totally turned off so no fuel is wasted, Because AGM and EFB batteries can cycle, power is still available to run the car’s accessories. This means that the radio and air conditioning continues to operate even when the car is idle.

These new battery systems are projected to reduce emissions by 3-8 percent and increase fuel efficiency by the same range.

Why do I need a special battery for stop start cars?

For normal vehicles, ignition is switched only once in every journey. The engine runs throughout the drive until you reach your destination – a normal battery is designed for this. They produce a large burst of power which is then recharged by the car’s alternator through the duration of a ride.

With a conventional lead acid battery, repeated restarts would require multiple huge bursts of energy which rapidly discharges the battery before the alternator can fully recharge it.

Cyclic systems withstand double the load. They continue to be used after your car has been started and it runs even when the engine is off to power the auxiliary systems such as the radio, lights, and air conditioning.

AGM and EFB batteries have several unique characteristics that allow for significantly faster recharge and drain to a much deeper state than normal batteries, as well of maintaining a healthy state of charge. Aside from faster charging, the right battery allows to make use of newer car systems like battery management systems. These features are specially designed to lower vehicle emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

When shopping for i-stop car batteries, you’ll come across two types: absorbent glass mat (AGM battery) and enhanced flooded battery (EFB battery).

What is an AGM stop/start battery?

AGM batteries are the most powerful stop start batteries available. Rather than your ordinary passenger automobile, they are suited for bigger, more demanding cars.

Originally designed for military applications, the technology has been adapted to power the consumer car battery industry. AGM batteries are able to provide high cranking power for automotive systems, gear shift indicators, and modern in-car technologies.

They can deliver a deeper discharge without putting the battery at risk. AGM batteries provide the greatest hybrid battery solution for modern automobiles by combining high cranking power and deep cycle capability.

AGM batteries are generally specific to European made/designed vehicles.

The benefits of AGM batteries

  • 3-4 times more cycling life than conventional batteries.
  • Up to 8% lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency.
  • Greater vibration resistance
  • Lower internal resistance allowing faster recharging.
  • High charge capacity, which is crucial for regenerative
    – – braking and energy management systems.
  • Reliable, strong starting power even at low charge.
  • Completely maintenance-free.
  • 100% leak-proof and sealed, with no loose lead acid.

What is an Enhanced flooded battery(EFB)?

An enhanced flooded battery (EFB) is another type of battery you might come across.

These are simply more advanced versions of a normal lead acid battery created specifically for cyclic vehicles. EFB batteries are similar to normal flooded batteries in that they are wet-filled with electrolyte. The improved version has thicker battery cells which allow improved cycle life and charge acceptance.

If your vehicle already has an EFB, it must not be replaced with a traditional flooded battery. Similarly, an EFB or conventional flooded battery should not be used in a car that was designed to use an AGM battery.

EFB batteries are generally specific to cars built/designed in the Asian region.

The benefits of enhanced flooded batteries

  • 2x cyclic durability of a standard flooded battery.
  • Up to 6% reduced emissions and greater fuel efficiency.
  • Designed to meet most OEM vehicle demands.
  • Suited for entry-level cyclic cars.
  • Fully sealed and maintenance-free.

Why are stop/start batteries becoming more common?

In general, as governments around the world place tighter restrictions on CO2 equivalent emissions, stop start technology is becoming increasingly common.

Manufacturers may use this new technology to minimize emissions for necessary vehicles such as their trucks. This is a huge step towards a sustainable and healthier global environment.

Which car's use stop/start?

Most automobile manufacturers around the world are now considering this new technology  in their upcoming vehicle ranges. Audi, BMW, Fiat, and Volkswagen, in particular, are known to advocate the usage of cyclic systems throughout Europe. These systems have also recently been utilised by American Ford automobiles.

Mazda and Subaru use this technology in their latest models.

While Toyota Australia first rejected this technology in 2017, many new hybrid Toyota models now incorporate this technology.

About your Mercedes Battery

The Mercedes-Benz lineup showcases innovation through its cutting-edge battery technology. Incorporating advanced features like the Intelligent Start-Stop (ISS) system and other intelligent technologies, Mercedes-Benz offers an unparalleled driving experience that combines performance, fuel efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

Mercedes-Benz has embraced the use of start-stop technology, enhancing its vehicles with systems like ECO-Start that optimizes fuel consumption and minimizes emissions. This innovative technology is particularly prominent in their vehicles, like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which seamlessly switches off the engine when the vehicle comes to a stop and restarts it when the driver accelerates.

The advanced battery system in Mercedes-Benz vehicles plays a pivotal role in enabling these technologies. Designed to handle the demands of start-stop systems, these batteries ensure consistent performance, even in situations where the engine frequently starts and stops. This technology not only improves fuel efficiency but also contributes to reducing emissions, aligning with the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Mercedes-Benz batteries are engineered to deliver enhanced throttle response, making them particularly efficient in traffic conditions. With a focus on fuel efficiency and incorporating high technology, these batteries support the seamless operation of advanced features like regenerative braking and energy recovery.

Given the unique demands of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, it’s essential to select a battery that matches the specifications of the engine and the vehicle’s advanced technology. A specially designed battery ensures optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and compatibility with the intricate systems in Mercedes-Benz cars.

The start-stop batteries utilised in Mercedes-Benz vehicles are not only environmentally friendly but also technologically advanced. They excel in cycling performance, with the ability to handle frequent discharge and recharge cycles. The high charge acceptance of these batteries allows for rapid recharging, which is particularly beneficial in between engine-off periods.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with start-stop batteries have a unique feature – the ability to restart the engine almost instantly when the brake is released. This feature, derived from brake energy recovery, not only enhances convenience but also contributes to wear and tear savings and fuel efficiency.

Finding the right battery for your Mercedes-Benz is made easy by the availability of different sizes suitable for various models. These batteries typically operate at a voltage of 12V, utilizing six cells to ensure seamless power delivery.

SKU: NPCISS55H        Weight: 19 KG       

Volts: 12V                     CCA: 680

Dimensions(mm): 242x175x190

SKU: NPCISS66H        Weight: 21 KG

Volts: 12V        CCA: 760

Dimensions (mm): 278x175x190

SKU: NPCISS77H        Weight: 24 KG

Volts: 12V        CCA: 800

Dimensions (mm): 315x175x190

SKU: NPCISS100        Weight: 27 KG

Volts: 12V        CCA: 850

Dimensions (mm): 353x175x190

SKU: NPCISS110H        Weight: 31 KG

Volts: 12V        CCA: 950

Dimensions (mm): 394x175x190

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Why choose a premium battery for your Mercedes?

Choosing a premium battery for your Mercedes on the Sunshine Coast is a decision that aligns perfectly with the sophistication and performance that your luxury vehicle offers. Your Mercedes-Benz is a marvel of engineering, meticulously designed to provide a blend of comfort, power, and elegance. It deserves nothing less than the best when it comes to its power source.

A premium battery is more than just a component; it’s an investment in the optimal functionality and longevity of your Mercedes. These high-quality batteries are engineered to meet the exacting standards of luxury vehicles like Mercedes-Benz, ensuring seamless performance and reliability. When you’re cruising along the scenic roads of the Sunshine Coast, the last thing you want is a battery-related inconvenience dampening your experience.

Mercedes vehicles are equipped with advanced technology and innovative features, and a premium battery is designed to cater to these complex systems. From the start-stop functionality to regenerative braking, your battery needs to keep up with the demands of these systems to deliver a driving experience that lives up to the brand’s reputation.

Additionally, the Sunshine Coast’s climate can be both beautiful and challenging. With varying temperatures and conditions, a premium battery is built to withstand the environmental factors unique to the region. It provides consistent power delivery, even during temperature extremes, ensuring that your Mercedes is always ready to start and perform optimally.

Investing in a premium battery for your Mercedes on the Sunshine Coast also translates to peace of mind. You can trust that your vehicle’s advanced features will operate smoothly, and unexpected breakdowns due to battery issues will be minimized. When you’re exploring the coastal beauty or venturing into the hinterland, reliability is paramount, and a premium battery guarantees just that.

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