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The best roadside response Sunshine Coast

From flat tyres to Roadside Battery Assistance, we guarantee prompt, reliable and affordably priced service 24 hours a day 365 days a year throughout the Sunshine Coast and surrounds. Don’t let a flat battery throw off your day, Sunshine Coast Batteries can be at your location within 30 minutes* and can have you back up and running typically in under an hour. Call 1800 248 028 today for immediate assistance or fill out a quote form on our website and one of our friendly technicians will get back to you as soon as possible.

Roadside Assistance Sunshine Coast

Offering comprehensive roadside assist services throughout the Sunshine Coast and surrounds. We’ve got you covered for those days when your vehicle just doesn’t want to start, you run out of fuel or you break down unexpectedly. All our service vehicles are equipped with an on board diagnostics computer for all cars, including European, American, Asian and Australian makes. So when you need urgent roadside assistance, make your first call Sunshine Coast Batteries. Our service technicians typically arrive in 30 minutes* or less, fully equipped with everything required to get you back up and running in record time. We understand that when your car breaks down, it is often unexpected and without warning – which is why at Sunshine Coast Batteries, our roadside assist service is available 24 hours 365 days. Stranded on the Sunshine Coast? Don’t stress. Just call us now

Why Choose Us

When it comes to reliable and efficient battery replacement services on the Sunshine Coast, look no further than Batteries Sunshine Coast. 

We understand the importance of a properly functioning battery for your car, especially during unexpected roadside situations.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch roadside assistance, ensuring you’re never stranded due to a dead battery.

Battery Experts

Our team is trained in all battery applications to ensure that you receive the highest quality service.

Quality Service

We put your safety and needs first! Our priority is not making a sale,- but solving problems.

Fast service

We are prompt and reliable with an average call out time of 30 minutes or less*.

Trusted Work

We specialise in high quality batteries, specifically designed to suit the unique climate of the Sunshine Coast.

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At the heart of Batteries Sunshine Coast are the passionate owners, Peter and Ashley, who embody a deep commitment to supplying the finest batteries across the Sunshine Coast. Their unwavering love for delivering top-quality products and exceptional service stems from a genuine desire to meet the diverse energy needs of their community. Peter and Ashley take immense pride in sourcing and providing the best batteries available, ensuring that every customer receives a reliable and efficient solution tailored to their requirements.

What sets Peter and Ashley apart is their strong connection to the Sunshine Coast community. Being local and family-owned, they understand the unique energy challenges and aspirations of the region’s residents. This understanding drives their dedication to offering batteries that not only meet technical specifications but also resonate with the values of the local population. Their personal investment in the area fosters trust and rapport with customers, as they can rely on Batteries Sunshine Coast for solutions that reflect the genuine care and consideration of fellow community members.

Peter and Ashley’s commitment extends beyond just being business owners – they are advocates for sustainable living and responsible energy use. This ethos permeates through their battery offerings, emphasizing eco-friendly options that align with the Sunshine Coast’s focus on preserving its natural beauty. Their passion for providing the best batteries is intertwined with their desire to contribute positively to the local environment and community, making Batteries Sunshine Coast a truly integral part of the region’s energy landscape.

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