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Landcruiser Dual Battery


A Landcruiser dual battery setup is a great way to ensure that your vehicle can start and run properly in any situation. A battery is the most important part of your car’s electrical system, as it provides power for all of the other components that make up your car’s engine. In order to make sure that you never get stranded with a dead battery or have any other electrical problems, it’s important to learn how dual batteries work and what they’re used for.

A dual battery setup consists of two separate batteries connected together with cables so that they work as one unit when needed (like when starting up). The reason why people use this type of system instead of just getting another single-battery is because having two separate ones gives them more options when it comes down to what kind of power source they need–for example: if one dies out unexpectedly due to old age or something else unexpected happens like freezing temperatures during wintertime where there aren’t many sunlight hours available per day then users will still have access

The main goal of a dual battery is to make sure that you have enough power to start your engine.

The main goal of a dual battery is to make sure that you have enough power to start your engine while adequately ensuring any auxiliary devices remain active. The starter is the most important part of your vehicle, as it’s the only part that can turn the engine over. The starter uses up a lot of power and requires an adequate amount of current from your battery in order for it to work properly. As such, if there isn’t enough voltage or current coming from one single battery alone, then it may not be able to start up at all!

This is why having two batteries installed in parallel helps increase reliability: by combining both into one unit (or “bank”), we’ve essentially doubled our chances at getting started when we need them most–and hopefully never finding ourselves stranded again!

Adding a secondary battery can improve the reliability of your Landcruiser

Adding a secondary battery can improve the reliability of your Landcruiser. The second battery will provide more power, allowing you to run accessories when the engine is off and even keep the vehicle’s electrical systems running in an emergency.

Recently the Batteries Sunshine Coast team helped with the installation of a dual battery into a new 300 Series Landcruiser. This model has a new mount type and location to previous models and this restricts what can be fitted.

Toyota recommends a dual purpose AGM starting/deep cycle battery that is traditionally used in the European stop start type vehicles. We have these in stock and we also have the lithium dual purpose batteries in stock which will give you 1600cca in cranking power!

In this Landcruiser we fitted 2 x stop/start POWERAGM heavy duty batteries which will provide long lasting crank power and reliability. You can read more about these batteries by visiting: The Powercrank Website


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the benefits of having a dual battery setup in your Landcruiser. If you have any questions or concerns about adding a second battery to your vehicle, please contact us and see how the Batteries Sunshine Coast team can help you.

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