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Get a Long-Lasting Car Battery

Things That Will Help You Get a Long-Lasting Car Battery.

Things That Will Help You Get a Long-Lasting Car Battery-Choosing the right car battery can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to figure out how long it’ll last and what type of battery will work best in your vehicle. Moreover, your final decision can significantly impact your safety as well. 

With so many options available today, here are six things that will help you choose the longest-lasting car battery ideal for your vehicle.

1. Battery Capacity

The capacity of a battery is measured in amp-hours (ah). This is the number of amps a battery can discharge over a period of time, and it’s based on a 20-hour period. For example, if you have a 400-ah battery, it can provide power for a 20 amp load for 20 hours. So, the higher the amp-hours, the longer your battery will last.

2. Battery Reserve Capacity

One of the best ways to determine the reserve capacity is to look at the number of “reserve hours” and multiply it by the number of amp-hours. If the amp-hours tell you how many hours of power can be delivered, reserve hours show how many minutes that load can be supported. 

For example, if a battery has a 200-amp load capacity, it can be discharged for 20 hours at 10 amps. This translates to 1,200 minutes. If the battery has a 40-amp-hour capacity and provides 40hrs of reserve, then it can support a load for 800 minutes.

3. Battery Depth of Discharge

If you’re looking for a long-lasting battery, watch out for those rated for a deeper discharge. This results from using your battery to power several electrical devices at a time. For example, if you have a 200-amp battery and it’s discharged for 20 hours at 10amp an hour, it’s at a 100 per cent discharge. This is why it is essential to know how to read your battery’s label.

4. Battery Load

When it comes to selecting a long-lasting car battery, you should also be familiar with the load of the one you have. This is based on the amount of power needed to operate your vehicle electrical accessories. For example, if you have an engine with an alternator that can provide 50 amperes at a time, it’s good to have a battery that can easily handle this load.

5. Battery Chemistry

There are many different types of batteries available today, and they each have different chemical compositions. Lithium-polymer batteries, for example, are lithium-ion batteries with a polymer mixture. As such, they’re known for having a high energy density compared to other lithium-ion batteries. These batteries can be designed to have different capacities, so it’s important to read the labels of these batteries carefully.

6. Battery Charging

One of the things that can negatively impact a battery’s longevity is the charging process. When you charge a battery, you put it under pressure. And without proper care, this can accelerate the natural ageing process of the battery. Make sure not to over charge a battery. 

Doing this can cause the pressure to increase, which can then lead to damage.

Things That Will Help You Get a Long-Lasting Car Battery

To make sure that you choose the right battery, remember to check your vehicle’s load and consider the important elements mentioned above. Doing so will help you get a long-lasting car battery that will save you a lot of time and money over the years.

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