Replacing Your Car’s Battery: How Often Should You Do It?

Replacing Your Car’s Battery: How Often Should You Do It? If you have never had your car’s battery changed before (or even if you have), you may not be fully aware of when you will need to replace the battery again. The tricky part is that there is not a singular answer to this question, as many factors come into play when it comes to the lifespan of your car’s battery. 

Important factors that come into play are how your car is driven and how often it has been used. The average car battery can last anywhere between three to four years. However, if there is something in the inner workings of your engine or car that isn’t working as it should, it may affect the lifespan of your car’s batteries. This blog post will shed light on the possible instances when a car battery may need to be replaced and the underlying causes for this. 

Replacing Your Car’s Battery: How Often Should You Do It?

When it comes to knowing when to replace your car’s battery, it pays to know how to tell when the battery needs changing. You don’t want to find a dead battery, especially when you’re in the middle of the mall parking lot. Here are the facts you need to know that surround the replacement of car batteries. 

Factors That Affect a Car Battery

There are various factors that affect the lifespan of a car battery. Here is a list of the most common factors that may shorten your car battery’s life.

1 – Rarely Driving Long Distances

If your car has been used for long drives and suddenly is not getting new mileage anymore, it may have an effect on your battery life. 

2 – A Defective Car Alternator

The car’s alternator is in charge of keeping the battery running while the car is on. A poorly working accelerator is bad news for your battery because it will discharge sooner than expected. 

3 – Not Starting the Car for Long Periods

Cars that are not taken out for a drive for long periods of time will see their battery drained. This is because modern cars have all sorts of mechanisms that drain small amounts of power from the battery. This may not seem like much but can take its toll if the car is left unattended for long periods. 

Telltale Signs You May Need to Change Your Car’s Battery

You need not wait until your battery is completely discharged before you have it replaced. If you feel like you are having a hard time starting your car, it may be trying to tell you to change its battery. The age of your battery is another factor. If you have not changed your battery in three to four years, it may be time to bring it in for battery replacement. 


As long as there is nothing wrong with your car to cause the battery to drain prematurely and as long as you take care not to drive on bumpy roads, your car’s battery should last for around three to four years. However, if you notice that your battery drained more quickly than usual, it is best to have your battery changed by an expert. They will be able to tell you the cause of why the battery drained too fast and provide prevention methods to ensure that the root cause will be fixed.

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