Construction Equipment Batteries

Construction Equipment Battery

Not all construction sites have electrical outlets to run heavy machinery. When working in remote places, batteries are a must to keep your equipment running. Therefore, finding a suitable battery replacement is essential. 

Some ways to discover a suitable battery replacement for your construction equipment include the following factors:


Always get the right kind of battery for the equipment that needs it. There are three main types out in the market:

  • Flooded Lead Acid (FLA)
  • Gel Cell (GC)
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM / VRLA)

Each one has unique features to consider. For instance, GC batteries are best for long-term projects since they have a larger energy storage capacity. AGM batteries are non-spill and maintenance-free but the most expensive. Meanwhile, FLA batteries are the most affordable and tolerant of overworking and overcharging.

CCA Rating

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) enable equipment to run during low temperatures, specifically power that batteries can supply at 0 degrees Celsius for thirty seconds at 7.2 amps. Without them, your entire operation will stall as the cold weather cannot generate enough heat to power your machines.

Any battery replacement for heavy machinery must have an 800-or-higher CCA rating. When canvassing for new batteries, remember this rule of thumb: FLA and AGM variants have higher CCA ratings than GC batteries.

Reserve Capacity

Once you have determined what type of battery replacement you need and its CCA rating, you have to know its reserve capacity. It is a battery unit’s ability to store a charge and keep a particular device running. It also indicates how long or short the charging time is before reuse.

Therefore, batteries with high reserve capacity are more efficient in that they require shorter charging times but maintain a higher output. Oppositely, low-reserve capacity batteries take a while to recharge and give lower output, increasing its charge time between usage. 

The former is always preferred, which especially rings true for GC batteries. However, always ensure that your equipment can handle a GC power unit with the proper CCA rating.

Nominal Capacity

If CCA ratings are for unique weather conditions, nominal capacities are for regular usage. These are commonly called AMP hours (AH), which regulate the amount of energy taken from the battery over a continuous period and current. 

If a battery replacement’s nominal capacity is 100ah, that means it can provide a 5-amp current for twenty hours. Take these into account to ensure your equipment efficiently uses only the energy it needs.

Battery Size

A battery replacement’s size determines how much power it can supply and what equipment it can run. Size also determines the right fit, meaning it must have at least a 3-inch gap from the bonnet.

This factor also applies to machinery requiring grouped battery replacement cells. They must match the orientation and number needed for the equipment.

Vibration and Spill Protection

Construction works are rarely a smooth operation. Thousands of bumps and movements are needed to transport materials from one site to another. As such, your replacement batteries must also have protection against vibrations and spills vigorous activity can cause.

Vibration-proof batteries prevent the unit from dislodging and halting operations. It also prevents untimely spills from happening, as battery fluid is corrosive and damaging to anything it comes into contact with.

For reference, AGM batteries have vibration and spill protection than those mentioned above. While pricier, it offers the convenience of lower maintenance and continued operations.

Before You Go

Different construction equipment has distinct energy requirements to power them. Always check with the manufacturer and manual to ensure you get the right unit for your tools. A continuously working site is productive with low downtimes, leading to more accomplished projects down the line.

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