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Discover our range of stop-start batteries for your Mazda 3 Stop-start here at Batteries Sunshine Coast. We have been providing car battery needs throughout Sunshine Coast Australia since 2017.

We offer a variety of start-stop car batteries for different kinds of car types. One of our specialties is the Mazda 3 start-stop battery. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to deliver and install your needed new battery for your car.

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Importance of the correct Car battery

There are a lot of factors to consider when owning a car. One of which is the car battery. This car component is very important since it is the power source of your car’s electrical circuit. The car battery is also the starting point of running your car after you turn the key in the ignition.

The car battery life should always be checked prior to running your car. Choosing the right kind of battery and knowing when replacement should be done should be one’s priority.

What is a Start-stop battery technology?

Start-stop technology is also called an idle stop-start system(ISS). This kind of technology is commonly seen in Mazda 3 Stop-start vehicles. Idle stop-start vehicles can not use conventional flooded batteries since they are not suitable for modern car engine systems.

This innovative technology is a fuel-saving feature that helps reduce fuel consumption and emission by turning the engine off while the vehicle is on stop. This usually happens when a traffic light is on stop mode,

Modern vehicles that have start-stop technology can detect whether a car is moving or not and subsequently shuts the engine off to reduce emissions and save fuel.

 This is one of the special features that modern cars nowadays have that is beneficial for the environment and the consumer as well. This allows the car to provide better fuel efficiency and engine output.

Conventional batteries versus stop-start batteries

A conventional starter battery is designed to provide a high short energy boost for starting up the engine. In contrast, modern start-stop car batteries can discharge and charge many times.

This means that even if the engine is stopped and the battery is idle, the start-stop car batteries still supply power to the auxiliary systems (lights, air conditioning, and music). There is also a braking regeneration system, which stores energy during braking so that it can be used repeatedly in the future.

Mazda 3 Stop-start

Mazda 3 is a modern type of vehicle that utilizes an ISS system. Mazda’s i-Stop System Requires a Very Special Car Battery. Mazda 3 operates through petrol, diesel, and SkyActiv with iStop technology.

Mazda 3 has been upgraded throughout the years to suit the needs of the consumers and to be able to deliver its best performance through the latest technology. Although some battery failures occurred during the process which required dealer visits to upgrade the charging algorithm or turn off the feature as well as replace the battery.

Now its features are at its best and it continues to evolve not just to meet the demands but also to become a more environmentally friendly vehicle.

Different kinds of stop-start car batteries

There are different kinds of car batteries have emerged due to technological advances. For cars such as Mazda 3, a special car battery is recommended for its function to be maximized.

Basic ISS systems use EFB whilst advanced ISS vehicles use AGM batteries.

AGM batteries ( Absorbent Glass Mat)

AGM batteries were originally built for high-power vehicles such as the ones used in the military. Through the years it evolved its usage for modern cars with specialized technology such as Mazda 3.

The AGM batteries carry their charge from soaked sponges coated on the lead plates. The Glass mats make it easier to send power from an AGM battery. This feature makes it easier for this kind of car battery to be recharged.

They incorporate a low-pressure valve that vents to protect the battery from rupture in the case of fault or over-charging.

This kind of battery provides the greatest hybrid battery solution for modern automobiles by combining cranking power and deep cycle capability. 

EFB batteries ( enhanced flooded battery)

Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) are suitable for start-stop cars or cars with demanding driving requirements.

They have up to twice the level of cyclic endurance than conventional batteries and deliver consistently high performance to fulfill the demands of modern cars.

Take note that An ISS vehicle with an enhanced flooded battery (EFB) must be replaced with an EFB or upgraded to an ISS AGM battery

A vehicle that came with an ISS AGM battery must be replaced with an ISS AGM battery – it can not be downgraded to ISS EFB

Our available Mazda 3 start-stop batteries

The first thing to take note of when you decide to replace your car battery is not the cost but the type of battery your car has. It is very crucial to identify this when you are in doubt. A reliable car technician will be able to do this job for you.

Mazda 3 requires a special battery. We have 2 types of start-stop batteries that are suitable for Mazda 3.

Q85/EFB55d23L for Mazda 3 Stop-start

This type of start-stop car battery is specially designed as Hi-Tec calcium maintenance-free design Popular applications for cars such as Mazda CX5, CX3, Mazda 2, 3.

Q85 Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) are designed to work with Mazda’s systems to help the car engine restart and restart again every time you have a trip.

Engine bay heat fault is a common problem in car batteries when the climate is too hot. Q85 is designed to counteract this event through its technology. This battery feature makes it more durable than other car batteries.

Some advantages of this battery include:

  • Enhanced Flooded Technology
  • Maintenance free
  • Contains a rapid cool-down separator that avoids overheating
  • Support for a high number of engine starts and extended engine-off periods

Our prices are reasonable and cheaper than other shops. We charge $310 Inc GST for this type of battery.

T110/EFBN70ZZL for Mazda 3 Stop-start

T110 Stop-Start batteries are specially designed to meet the high demands of your Mazda 3 Stop-start installed with Idle Stop-Start systems (ISS), providing constant power to run your onboard electrics while the engine is off and providing instant superior starting power.

This battery is designed for Start-stop and hybrid vehicles like Mazda 3 and Electric Vehicles.

It is known for its High Performance enhanced flooded batteries feature and is

able to be used in solely “cycling” applications or start cycle combinations.

Some advantages of this battery include:

  • Has Unique High-Carbon content negative plates
  • Higher Reserve Capacity to power accessories during “engine off” periods
  • Rapid charge acceptance –
  • Thicker EFB-design Powerframe

Our prices are reasonable and cheaper than other shops. We charge from $350 Inc GST for this type of battery.

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